Property Buyers Agent

Are you time poor and over the endless weekends attending open homes, missing out on valuable family time?

Engaging a Buyers Agent and help get our time back for example are you looking at 1-3 properties per weekend after a long working week of 40-50 hours +, losing most of your Saturday to searching for the right property.
Using a Q State Properties Buyers Agent we see many, many properties each week, many off- market due to our working relationships with other sales agents. We can view and short list the homes which suit your defined criteria.
Perhaps you frustrated over the process of looking for property, missing out due to demand, being mis-lead when you’ve gone to auction, or even prior to auction.

Many sophisticated property investors who have bought many properties before have used Buyers Agents as they’ve just had no luck in finding the right property to fit their search criteria or again are just too time poor with their day job and family commitments.

First home buyers also benefit from our end to end service as we walk you through each step of the purchase through to settlement

Perhaps you are located inter-state and want to use a trusted partner on the ground to assist with every aspect of the transaction including due-diligence; each State throughout Australia have their own legislation and a different process of ‘unconditional’, ‘settlement’ or ‘exchange’.
We can assist with all property aspects in the growth area of South East Queensland.

If you would like to find out further information on how we can assist you for your next purchase, be it an Investment or you family home contact Sandy today on 1300 778 283 or complete the form below.

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