Changing Managing Agents

Does the idea of changing property managers make you feel stressed? Let us help you by elevating the stress and making the transition as seamless as possible. 

In todays video we are going to discuss the process of changing property managers for your investment property. 

As landlords ourselves we understand the idea to change managing agents is never a decision taken lightly and can come about for a number of reasons. 

These could include poor communication, poor management or maintenance or the tenancy of the property or simply you don’t know which property manager is currently looking after your investment due to a high turnover of staff? 

A very common misconception that once you have signed with a property manager you are required to stay with that agent for the duration of the tenancy lease agreement. 

Thankfully for you this not the case. In fact, it just takes a few simple steps to switch managers and the good news we as your new managing agent can handle the majority of these steps for your, saving you the time and stress of dealing with any paperwork and the dread of confrontation with the outgoing managing agency.

So what are the steps? 

You will need to sign a new Form 6 Appointment of Property Agent with the new incoming property manager of your choosing. 

We have a simple process for this and it also includes a form to be signed confirming Termination of Management Advice which we can serve to the current agent on your behalf. 

As your new managing agent we will then contact the current agency via phone and in writing and provide them with a detailed checklist of items to ensure a smooth transfer of the property file to be handed over at the agreed date.

In Queensland, under the Property Occupations Act the standard notice period required when terminating an agreement with a property agent is 30 days, or less if both parties to a shorter period. 

At the end of the notice period and on an agreed day we meet with the outgoing property manager to ensure all items and documents pertaining to the property and tenancy are transferred to our agency. 

After this we schedule a meet and greet as soon as possible with the tenants at the property this allows us to become familiar with the property itself, meet the tenants  and address any maintenance issues and check records are all up to date which ensures a smooth transition. 

The tenants also receive a welcome letter & pack which includes information on how to pay rent, what they can expect when renting through Q State Properties and an invite to join our online tenancy portal.

As your new agent we will assist you to make the handover process run as smoothly as possible so it’s business as usual for your investment. The long-term management of a rental property requires considerable time, resources and expertise; that’s why appointing a quality property manager is one of the most important decisions an investor can make. 

We help you build wealth and stay on top of the day-to-day details and legalities to make sure that owning your investment property is a pleasant and seamless experience. 

If you would like to know more about how we can assist you please do not hesitate to contact Sandy today on 0438 762 163.