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At Q State Properties we are an independent agency with a difference. Specialist in Lifestyle Acreage Property Management & Sales.

6 Davis St, Beaudesert QLD 4285
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Sandy Lower Q State Properties Real Estate
Agency Principal, Property Management & Buyers Agent

At the heart of Scenic Rim and Logan, Q State Properties isn’t just another agency. We specialise in lifestyle acreage property management and sales, weaving the fabric of community one home at a time. Our approach is simple yet profound: treat tenants with the respect and understanding they deserve, ensuring our landlords enjoy not only peace of mind but also a secure investment.

My journey in the real estate sector started back in 2004, initially by managing my investment properties.  This hands-on experience laid the foundation for the launch of Q State Properties 10 years ago in 2014. The unique entry into the industry has equipped us with an in-depth understanding of property management, all while maintaining a landlord’s perspective.

Our growth at Q State Properties, marked by consistent year-on-year achievements, is a testament to the power of positive word-of-mouth from our valued clients and tenants. They are not just part of our success story; they are our family.

Investing in professional and personal development is key for me, ensuring that our team at Q State Properties is not just building careers but nurturing a family — a place where everyone can grow, contribute, and belong.

Our guiding principle, ‘Don’t go chasing butterflies; build a garden, and they will find you,’ perfectly encapsulates our philosophy. By focusing on cultivating a community where everyone — team members, clients, and tenants alike — feels valued, supported, and integral to our shared success, we’re not just building a business for today. We’re nurturing a legacy that my children, and indeed all future generations at Q State Properties, can be proud to inherit.

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Kim Q State Properties Beaudesert
Executive Assistant to Agency Principal & Agency Admin

Kim’s role at Q State reflects everything we are about. We are not in the business of just property, our focus is on people – you, our clients. This is reflected in our company purpose: Creating lasting relationships through real estate and our vision of providing exceptional service.

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Sheridan Q State Properties Property Management

Sheridan plays a crucial role in managing our properties. Conducting comprehensive property health checks, organising maintenance, and handling numerous daily operational tasks including leasing.

0498 721 976

Joanne Uppington Q State Properties Property Management

Jo plays an integral role in our letting and leasing operations, facilitating open houses and providing robust support across all office functions.

0418 263 370


Erin Q State Properties Sales

With a passion for real estate and a specialisation in acreage and rural properties, cultivated through my lifelong love of horses, I bring a unique perspective to the table. As a dedicated mother of two daughters, my goal is to leave a lasting legacy for them through my work in real estate. I am committed to safeguarding your investment with honesty, integrity, and knowledgeable advice, henceforth turning your real estate aspirations into reality. Let’s work together to achieve your goals and secure your future.

0438 762 163


Michelle truly embodies the essence of a genuine “Lifestyle Acreage Specialist”

With her passion for horses, dedication to equine pursuits, and love for her sheep trialling dogs, she genuinely lives the rural lifestyle that we cherish here in the beautiful Scenic Rim and Logan areas.

Michelle brings to the table impressive years of experience in property valuation.
Her vast expertise and genuine insight are what truly sets her apart. These skills, combined with her professional achievements and being open to new ideas will make her an invaluable asset to our team and perfectly complement her role as a Real Estate Sale Agent with Q State

1300 778 283