Property Management Services

At Q State Properties we are all about building relationships and assisting our tenants to make the transition as smooth as possible.  We strive to provide you with a range of quality properties available for rent and you can be assured everyone at Q State Properties will treat you with respect and professionalism.

What you can expect from Q State Properties:

One point of contact – The property manager who is responsible for your property will be the person who undertakes all the inspections, arranges maintenance and preventive work and will liaise with all parties involved.
You have access to 24/7 online maintenance forms for both emergency repairs and general repairs and maintenance.
We will always treat you with respect

What Q State Properties expect of our tenants:

Rent must be paid on time, we have a zero tolerance policy on rental arrears.
Maintenance issues must be reported and not left to become larger problems
Well kept home
Well kept and maintained lawn & gardens


  • Assists tenants to find the exact property that meets their search criteria, ensuring it is refined for their requirements
  • Assist with the pre-application and application process Assistance with bond payments, power, phone, gas connections
  • Upon approval assist with Bond eg easy bond pay
  • Utility connection
  • Use of moving trailer


Some say no news is good news but at Q State Property we believe the lessor should always be informed of every aspect of your property and provide you with relevant, comprehensive news and real estate information instead of only hearing from us like the property management companies industry standard if there is a problem or issue. Our quality service includes 24/7 access to our ownership portal ‘My Property’ where you can easily track tenancy details, rent paid, maintenance and work orders, use the messaging system to contact us and more.

Tenant Selection

We conduct a structured application process, screening all applications through the TICA national database to highlight any previous tenancy issues, checking the rental history and references provided. All applicants must supply at least 100 points of ID.

Zero Tolerance

We have a Zero tolerance arrears policy, reporting is generated daily and no arrear is ever left untreated. Landlord rental payments are made each Friday enabling you to reduce the interest payable on your mortgage with weekly payments.

One Team

Sandy, being a property management principal, works closely with the property management team. Kim provides executive support and office management. Between them, they provide guidance and support throughout the property management lifecycle.


We conduct property inspections every 3 months. There is an open invitation for you to attend every inspection. Our report includes photos, professional recommendations that can help achieve a higher return and an updated rental market opinion.

What to expect from Q State Properties rental
property management services:

  • Great communication
  • FREE Professional Photography
  • WEEKLY disbursements will help you with improved cash flow
  • Property managers available 24/7 to both you and our tenants
  • Great Tenants with strict tenant selection criteria and screening
  • Maximum rental returns
  • Zero tolerance arrears policy
  • Property leased short amount of time
  • Regular 3-month inspections of your property complete with photographs
  • All landlords are welcome and encouraged to attend quarterly inspections if you wish
  • Rental reviews conducted at each lease renewal period
  • Good tenant relationships
  • Submission of 24/7 emergency repairs and maintenance forms
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Kept informed of your local market area
Q State Property Owners Handbook Cover

Free Property Owners Handbook

Q State Properties Vision Statement

To provide an exceptional service to our Clients and to assist them to build on and achieve their Property Investment goals.

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