About Us

Welcome to Q State Properties

Q State Properties is a boutique property management agency, but many often wonder what does this mean? Firstly we are smaller in size and provide a more personalised experience for our landlords.

In addition when we hand a property over to the new tenants we don’t just have a sign up meeting in an office, we meet the tenant onsite of your property and go over all aspects on how the tanks and pumps work, septic systems and so much more that comes from the management of acreage rentals.

Furthermore it means we are building relationships with our clients, they become part of the Q State Properties family. For us we haven’t set out to be the biggest but to offer the best quality service to our property owners and their tenants.

We invest money into systems to ensure we are looking after our landlords to the highest standard and our training is always kept up to date with our memberships to Industry organisations such as REIQ, Real Estate Excellence and Inspired Growth Training all of these using best practise standard and never short cutting our work.

At Q State Properties we don’t want to be the largest in the state, we want to be the best as we focus on providing our landlords with a high quality level of service. As Investors ourselves we will look after your property as if it was our own, the same things that are important to you, the lessor, are important to us with our own properties.

Why Our Clients and Customers Love Us

Why Work With Our Property Team?


Some say no news is good news but at Q State Properties we believe the lessor should always be informed of every aspect of your property and provide you with relevant, comprehensive news and real estate information instead of only hearing from us if there is a problem or issue.

Tenant Selection

We conduct a structured application process, screening all applications through the TICA national database to highlight any previous tenancy issues, checking the rental history and references provided. All applicants must supply at least 100 points of ID. We have zero tolerance arrears policy, reporting is generated daily and no arrear is left untreated.

Offer Comprehensive Inspections

We conduct regular 3 monthly inspections, with concise reports complete with photograph’s of your property and any recommendations. All lessors are encouraged to attend the quarterly property inspections.


Sandy and Scharn work in a tight team and undertake all the inspections, arrange maintenance and preventive work and will liaise with all parties involved.


A passion for real estate with specialization in acreage and rural properties and a background in group training, I bring a unique set of skills to the table, ensuring a smooth and informed experience for my clients.


Monique has been described as many things, but a common theme is dedication, honest feedback & advice, approachable, and full of character! Multitalented, warm and affable with a professional-focused approach, if you are looking for a REAL person who will work alongside you to sell your home.

About Q State Properties

  • Great communication
  • FREE Professional Photography
  • WEEKLY disbursements will help you with improved cash flow
  • Property managers available 24/7 to both you and our tenants
  • Great Tenants with strict tenant selection criteria and screening
  • Maximum rental returns
  • Zero tolerance arrears policy
  • Property leased short amount of time
  • Regular 3 month inspections of your property complete with photographs
  • All landlords are welcome and encouraged to attend quarterly inspections, if you wish
  • Rental reviews conducted at each lease renewal period
  • Good tenant relationships
  • Submission of 24/7 emergency repairs and maintenance forms
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Kept informed of your local market area

Q State Properties Vision Statement

To provide an exceptional service to our Clients, assisting them to build on and achieve their Property Investment goals.