Not sure where to start when preparing your property for lease? Check out our tips…

Welcome to Spring!

On this months blog we take a look at getting your property ready for leasing with today’s spotlight on property photography. 

Here at Q State Properties one of our passions is ensuring your property is marketed to the highest of our ability which includes professional photography, floorpans and 360 virtual tours. 

So, what are the steps you can take to ensure your property is presented in it’s ‘Sunday best’ and will be a standout among the other properties listed. 

First impressions really do count and this starts on the front exterior of the home. If time and costs  allow giving a fresh touch of paint can do wonders otherwise give all greenery a prune, mow and edge the lawn, remove external bins and cars from the driveway. 

Give the patio/deck a pressure wash, arrange outdoor settings, hide pet items and beds. 

If your property has a pool ensure it is cleaned, free of debris and equipment hidden away. 

Inside take the time to give your property a good spring clean and remove all excess items including ornaments and bits and bobs; this includes family photos and other personal items you would not like to have shown in the property listings. 

Internally it is best to ensure the areas are neat and tidy, all lights and lamps are turned on, clear side table, coffee tables and the like of TV remotes, magazine etc. However you can then take this opportunity to have a ‘coffee table’ book with candle or plant on display. 

Children’s toys can still be used to ‘set the scene’ staged in a way to show how a children’s retreat or toy room room area can be utilised.

Bring in the natural light by opening up the curtains and blinds throughout the home. 

Make the kitchen feel homey and inviting by styling the display with a lovely bunch of flowers or perhaps a plant, cutting board displayed with a recipe book . Remove all dishes, drying racks, fridge magnets, bins, ensure window sill is clear and window is clean. 

In the bedrooms ensure the beds are made, side tables clear, lamps turned on and personal items put away. If items are stored under the beds ensure they are out of view to give a less cluttered feel. 

Whilst in the bathrooms, ensure the shower screens and mirrors are sparkling clean, bins and scales along with personal items are removed with the finishing touches of complementary coloured bath towels. 

We hope these tips help with preparing your property for lease. If you would like assistance in planning or carrying out these items please get in touch with us today via 1300 778 283 or