Smoke Alarm Upgrades


Smoke Alarm Upgrade Offer – All Properties Must Comply Before January 1, 2022
Detector Inspector is offering the sharpest priced and simplest upgrade dealin Queensland, until 31 March 2021. Details include:

  • Fixed Price – Upgrade the whole property for a fixed price based on the number of bedrooms (including offices/studies).Free installation –excludes switchboard upgrades, if required.
  • Free 12-month extension – any existing smoke alarm service subscription will be extended by 12-months from completion of the upgrade (valued at $129).
  • Low Deposit – Just $319.00 Incl. GST to lock in this amazing deal.
  • Flexible Installation Schedule – We’re taking bookings for next quarter and beyond. Choose what suits you.

These prices will not last as the rush for all properties in Queensland to be upgraded increases the prices the closer to the deadline we get.

As a result we, Q State Properties as your managing agent WILL OPT YOU IN TO UPGRADE YOUR PROPERTY AT THE BELOW RATES. 
Should you not approve for us to undertake the upgrade please contact us ASAP in writing of your instructions to not upgrade and understand your property CANNOT be leased in Queensland after 1st January 2022 if this is not completed. 

Number of Bedrooms at Property^        1 2 3 4 5+
All-inclusive Property Upgrade Price* $319 $429 $539 $649 $134.90 per alarm

^ Number of Bedrooms is used to calculate the total cost of the upgrade for the property and is calculated based on the total number of bedrooms (whether in use or not) including studies & offices, where those studies or offices could be used as a bedroom.
* All prices are inclusive of GST. All-inclusive Property Upgrade Price includes required alarms in hallways and common areas, but does not include the cost of switchboard upgrade (if required). If you are not a current subscriber to smoke alarm services, you will need to become one to accept this upgrade offer. 
The deadline for you to upgrade your property with alarms that are interconnected, photoelectric and installed in every bedroom, every storey and certain shared areas is approaching fast. We are advising all landlords to move now. The closer we get to 1 January 2022, the more the prices of upgrades are predicted to rise. 
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Should you require any further information or clarification please do not hesitate to contact Sandy at anytime on 0438 762 163.